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Not everyone can afford brand new blockbusters at their usual price of $60, or even $40 handheld games. I myself always find myself longing whenever a new entry in my favorite series comes out. But that doesn’t mean that poor people can’t play games at all—they just have to look into the past a little bit. This series is for featuring quality games at an affordable price. Some of them might be famous, some of them might be obscure, but all of them will be enjoyable and less than $10. Click the images to go to their Amazon or Steam page. Watch our twitter feed for more sales and news not covered here, and feel free to browse the archive for more deals!

Dead Space puts you in the shoes of Isaac Clarke. He, along with several others on a repair mission, is stranded on a ship which pulled up an object contaminated with some kind of virus into space. The old ship’s inhabitants have become Necromorphs—zombie-like creatures which constantly attack Isaac. As the resident red shirt of the repair team, it’s up to you to save everyone else. It’s a third-person shooter similar to Mass Effect. You can get the 360 Platinum Edition for exactly $10.00 used.
Fallout 3 is a FPS game that puts you right in the middle of post-apocalyptic America. With a huge open world to explore and plenty of secrets and customization, the game is very immersive and can be played in whatever style you want. Nuclear poisoning and mutant creatures abound, but the catchy tunes that play over the radio keep the game an upbeat experience. You can get the PS3 version for $3.96.
Lost in Shadow currently rings up at $6.44 used and is one of the most beautiful games for the Wii. You play as a boy separated from his shadow, and must navigate platforms made of shadows to climb back up the tower and return to your body. The game has very little dialogue and instead focuses on its puzzles, which make it feel very similar to the games produced by Team Ico (in other words, it’s an incredibly artistic platformer).
With a new Scribblenauts game recently announced, getting one of its older games might be a good way to introduce yourself to the series. The premise is very simple: draw anything—absolutely anything—to get you a star. When I played through, I did my best to always use Pterodactyls to win the level. It’s a good game if you only have a few minutes of time to play games each day.
As I type, the average price for this eight-game Humble Indie Bundle is just $8.32—but you can pay just a penny if you just want Sword &Sworcery, LIMBO, Amnesia: Dark Descent, and Psychonauts. The extra games are Bastion, Lone Survivor, Braid, and Super Meat Boy—all games that are worth $8.32 in and of themselves. If you were ever on the fence about getting any of these games, now’s the time. If you pay above average, you also get each game’s soundtrack included. You can also set how much of the order you want to go to charity.

* Prices reflect the time of writing. If the price on Amazon has raised, try finding them at your local used game store. Keep in mind that buying used games is risky and your disks might be scratched, damaged, or glitched. If you know of a cheap game that you would like to see featured or wish you could find a game of a certain genre, feel free to suggest it in the comments.

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  1. How about PlayStation Plus? $50/year gets you a lot of stuff to play like LittleBigPlanet 2, Saint’s Row 2, inFamous 2, Just Cause 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and a number of others, plus whatever comes in the next eleven months.

    I realise that you don’t get to own the “free” content, but one year should be plenty of time to get through a fair number of the games that you get.

    Honestly, seems like a no-brainer for any poor gamer to me.

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